Helicopter take-off and landing is commonly done from onshore helidecks: but a floating unit offers a cost-effective alternative solution.


The Seaborne Helideck unit is a durable, economical, high-tech, low-maintenance floating construction designed and developed in Norway using advanced technology from the maritime, military and offshore industries. Features and solutions for both maritime and defense/military use can be added as optional modules.

The unit provides a specialized landing, parking and take-off facility for one or several helicopters. It can stand on the seabed in shallow water or be positioned and anchored in deeper water. Versatile and mobile, it can quickly be relocated in response to unpredictable or unstable political, economic or military situations. It can also be tailored to meet both short- and long-term mobilization requirements from aid and charity organizations.

The strong concrete structure requires minimal maintenance and is designed for a lifespan of several decades. The unit is managed from an onshore Remote Control Center: status and vital functions will be monitored and potentially operated based on regulatory/customer requirements.

Essential design-criteria:

• Mobile for rapid relocation
• Stable in extreme weather and sea
• Sturdy and reliable
• Flexible: meets and supports
bespoke requirements
• Secure and safe platform
• Low cost, easy to maintain
• Environmentally friendly
Seaborne Helideck can be applied as a temporary base to extend range/distance in support of tactical defense or military operations: helicopters can make offshore ’pit-stops’ to save fuel and await further instructions during missions. The unit enables helicopters to alight in areas where onshore landing is unsuitable or difficult (eg, jungles, swamps, rocky and steep mountains, etc). It can also be engaged as a support platform during major offshore events (Volvo Ocean Race, Offshore Grand Prix, regattas, etc).

Seaborne helideck brochure