Suggested additional modules to increase Seaborne HeliDeck’s performance and operational capabilities include the following:

Dynamic positioning system

By equipping the unit with the K-Pos dynamic positioning system and thrusters, the rig can be moved without the use of expensive anchor-handling tugboats. The unit then becomes autonomous, powered via the onboard battery and generator, and can maneuver from site to site. If required, the unit’s power generation system can be upgraded to permit ’chainless’ anchoring, enabling it to hold position on thruster power alone, with no need for a physical anchor. A complete positioning system will include thruster, power distribution, control system and sensors (position, heading and motion).


Underwater surveillance systems (option)

To detect divers or other subsea objects beneath the unit, underwater surveillance sonars can be installed.


Surface surveillance

KONGSBERG can also deliver surface surveillance solutions. Pan/tilt/zoom cameras with 360° rotation can be utilized for live tracking of incoming and departing helicopters. The 360° camera gives a continuous picture of the airspace around the Helideck.

MOB-boat/Rescue boat

The unit can also be equipped with a davit-launched MOB/rescue boat for man-overboard retrieval or transferring people and small cargo freights to onshore destinations or other vessels close to the Helideck unit. The boat can be of either rigid or inflated construction, or a combination of both.


Accommodation module

As the Helideck is required to host personnel or crew on board for varying periods of time, one or several accommodation modules can be mounted on the unit: Content and features can be tailored appropriately.