Seaborne Helideck – the concept

The modular Seaborne Helideck can be fully controlled both on board and remotely. The base version can be used unmanned for helicopter landing and take-off. Modules can be added to allow for part-time or full-time manning. Commuter boats will transport people and cargo between the Seaborne Helideck and land.

Concrete floating structure and Seaborne Helideck

The Seaborne Helideck unit is based on BROVA’s design for a stable, semi-submersible concrete structure. A lightweight, perforated helideck sits on top of the concrete structure. The unit can be laid out and sized according to customers’ individual requirements for the amount of helicopters landing, parking and taking off. Factors such as length, breadth, draught and height over water can all be tailored to suit weather and wave conditions and operational criteria.
Even during operation in high-salinity seawater and tropical temperatures, the easily maneuverable and potentially self-propelled structure is designed to last for several decades without incurring any damage or defects. Additional modules can be mounted either over or under the Helideck as required. Optional solar panels for power generation can be fitted under the Helideck.