BROVA is generating a new landscape for the
future of construction, with movable, durable and
versatile floating structures based on modern design
and architecture. Its forward-thinking philosophy
addresses geopolitical, environmental and
geographical challenges, developing new concepts
while implementing the latest ideas in design,
energy, sustainability and technology.

Kongsberg Maritime is a global marine technology
company, providing innovative and reliable ‘Full
Picture’ technology solutions for all marine
industry sectors. Kongsberg Maritime is part of
Kongsberg Gruppen (KONGSBERG), an international,
knowledge-based group that supplies hightechnology systems and solutions to customers
in the oil & gas, merchant marine and defense &
aerospace industries.

BROVA and KONGSBERG have combined their
knowledge and competencies to design and develop
a modular Seaborne Helideck for the world market.
Seaborne Helideck is designed for offshore landing,
take-off and parking of helicopters for military and
commercial use and can be adapted to customers’
bespoke requirements. The unit is based on BROVA
design and engineering with KONGSBERG’s state-ofthe-art technology and solutions.